Medical Office Asset Tracking
Track and maintain files, equipment, and supplies to expedite and enhance patient care

Medical offices are busy places that serve and work alongside a variety of people in the community. Not only are there several employees and patients to monitor every day, but medical offices require a large volume of supplies. Patient files, medical equipment, medications, as well as fixed assets such as treatment tables, chairs, televisions, and computers must all be accounted for daily in order to reduce facility costs and expedite patient care. By barcoding and tracking medical office assets through a digital database, light work can be made of what is often a daunting task. Jolly Technologies offers Asset Track™ medical office asset tracking software to keep your healthcare facility operating at peak efficiency!

Asset Track medical office tracking is an easy-to-operate solution that can be used to track patient files, keep accurate account of all medical supplies and equipment (fixed or mobile), as well as keep employees and practitioners accountable for loss, damage, and/or theft. High-density barcodes can be created with multiple database fields and affixed to all office assets allowing a user to digitally scan each item and instantly access user history, location, maintenance records, anything your individual healthcare center may need to know! With a high number of staff sharing patient records and supplies within small quarters, it is essential to have proficient management software. Medical file tracking with Asset Track expedites search time, prevents loss, and reduces filing labor; medical equipment and supply tracking with Asset Track reduces loss, theft, and expensive replacement costs while insuring that treatment equipment remains well-maintained and safe to use.

Jolly Technologies ensures that the conveniences do not stop there, however! Once all of your medical office assets are tagged and accounted for in one digital database, this information can then be easily coordinated between any clinics that may be within your same medical office network. Both global and local inventory levels are accessible from your personal medical office database making inventory control even easier! Email notifications can be set to monitor overdue equipment check-outs by practitioners and patients or even to remind staff of upcoming meetings. Further, new equipment and supply inventory can be easily checked into the database through the use of a mobile device.

Make material management coordination a breeze with Jolly Technologies! Purchasing, inventory control, on-site materials movement, and waste management all benefit when you know the correct quantity, price, quality, and time for purchasing. Jolly representatives look forward to tailoring Asset Track to meet your medical facility's asset tracking needs! Call today for a free trial!

Medical Office Asset Tracking
Manage and Track Assets
  • Track and maintain inventory in-house and in-network
  • Track patient files
  • Custom barcodes and labels
  • Monitor equipment history (check-in/out, maintenance, etc.)
  • Facilitate material management
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