Hospital Asset Tracking
Track inventory across departments and reduce costs due to loss, damage, and theft

Hospitals are large, busy facilities that require great organization when tracking expensive medical equipment, supplies, and fixed assets. Often, quick response times are an essential part of the operations of hospitals making precise organization imperative. Furthermore, with multi-departmental and multi-campus facilities, it is necessary for patient files as well as inventory locations and records to be easily accessed anywhere in the hospital. With Asset Track by Jolly Technologies, maintaining accurate records of all hospital assets is easy! Asset Track conveniently stores locations, inventory levels, maintenance records, user history, status (in-use, sterile, etc.) and more in one database through the use of customizable barcodes and RFID asset tags.

Asset Track is easy-to-use and can be tailored to suit the needs of your medical institution whether it be a hospital, nursing home, emergency treatment center, or psychiatric facility. By utilizing barcode tracking, your healthcare services will benefit from reduced equipment search times, improved material management coordination, and reduced costs due to prevention of damage, loss, and theft. Exact location of an item can be instantly found by searching for a stock barcode number or an item can be scanned and quickly returned to where it belongs anywhere in the hospital. Barcode scans can also be used to check-in/out equipment by staff, practitioners, and patients alike and overdue notifications can be set to automatically generate by email keeping everyone accountable. With accurate records of inventory being kept in a single database, materials are easily managed. Purchases, material movement (on- and off-site), waste management, inventory control, and routine maintenance are all closely monitored in order to optimize the lifespan of each of your hospital assets. In fact, email notifications can also be set to notify staff when an item is depleting or in need of repair. Finally, damage, loss, and theft are easily prevented by monitoring user history, tracking movement of items, and alerting security in the event that equipment leaves hospital property without authorization.

With all the benefits described and more, it is easy to see why Asset Track hospital management software is the solution to your hospital's organization! Remember, Asset Track can be tailored to fit your specific institution's needs, so call Jolly Technologies today and speak to one of our friendly staff members.

Hospital Asset Tracking
Manage and Track Assets
  • Track inventory across multi-departmental and multi-campus hospitals
  • Track files and assets (fixed and mobile)
  • Print customized barcodes
  • Monitor asset history, location, status, and more
  • Improve material management and longevity
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