Asset Track for Nonprofit
Track barcoded assets with multiple inventory lists to facilitate accurate reporting

Nonprofit organizations provide communities, people, and causes with education, awareness, and often, charitable contributions. Though not a traditional business, in order for any nonprofit organization (NPO) to be successful, it must be attended to in a very business-like manner; meaning, assets, both fixed and mobile, must be accurately accounted for in order to increase bottom line, take advantage of savings opportunities, and track and report accurately. With efficient asset management software, the tasks of tracking and reconciling physical inventory are made simple. Imagine having the ability to quickly scan items into inventory with custom-made barcodes. Then imagine creating multiple baseline and/or dynamic inventories with multiple, customizable data fields in order to maximize capitalization and depreciation of assets. Asset Track™ NPO asset management software from Jolly Technologies allows you to do all this and more! Asset Track provides your nonprofit agency with the ability to create asset tags and labels with barcodes for easily tracking and managing all of the items in your inventory. Highly configurable data fields allow your group to accelerate the process of entering new items and even add notes and photos, if necessary. By scanning assets into customized databases, whether they be fixed assets or donated items that require a separate inventory, each item can be traced and accounted for and accessed through one central database. Even if you have multiple locations, Asset Track will provide accurate accounts of all inventory lists, locations, user history, anything you need to monitor! A handy check-in/out feature with overdue email alerts is also included in order to keep employees responsible with agency property. Keeping accurate and reliable account of assets is important to maximize the unique needs of your nonprofit organization! With Asset Track nonprofit agency software, managing inventory and reporting correctly is made simple. Representatives are looking forward to assisting you and showing you how Jolly Technologies can benefit your NPO with this robust and highly-customizable software solution!

Asset Track for Nonprofit
Asset Track for Nonprofit
  • Tag and track assets
  • Create baseline and dynamic inventories
  • Check-in/out feature
  • Facilitate clean audits
  • Track and report accurately
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