The study materials have been chosen. You have great trainers lined up to lead your sessions and the venue has been reserved. You've worked hard to put together the perfect corporate training event! But your work has just begun. You are inviting colleagues from around the world to attend this amazing event. How do you go about registering so many people while keeping it organized and pain free? Let Eventleaf corporate training event management system help. Eventleaf online event registration software is just one of the many solutions part of Eventleaf event management system that will help make your corporate training event successful from start to finish and beyond.

Promote On Your Website

Add buttons and links on your website to promote your event and direct visitors to the registration page. Eventleaf online event management portal generates code-snippets for you to include on your website.

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Promote Event On Your Website
Sell Tickets and Packages

Sell Tickets and Packages

Sell admission tickets and options for the training event. Build different packages with selectable options and set the price accordingly.

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List Hotels

Include information on hotels on your event site and link them to the room booking site. Either include booking rooms as part of your registration flow or simply offer recommendations.

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Virtual Training Platform

Manage Virtual Trainings

Eventleaf has all necessary tools and features to manage a completely virtual training that includes live video feed as well as recorded videos that can be accessed online via a web browser or a mobile phone app and allow organizers to interact and engage with attendees over the internet, sharing presentation material, videos, live webinars, and lot more.

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Publishing an event takes just a few minutes!