Hospital Visitor Management

Sign in, fill out a stack of paperwork, and wait. We all know the routine, but it doesn't have to be that way. Let Lobbytrack visitor management system streamline the check in process for your patient visits.

Allow visitors to self-sign in at an easy to use kiosk and receive an email alerting you to their arrival. During the process they can be greeted with a customized form to update important information for their file, saving your staff from having to re-enter information from sloppy handwritten forms, and even electronically sign a HIPPA agreement to keep on file.

Lobbytrack visitor management software allows for the entire patient visit process to be streamlined, and that benefits everyone involved! Visitors will be thankful for the ease of use, and employees will be thankful for the automated process. To see if Lobbytrack works for your facility, try it for free or contact us! We'd love to make your health center a better place.

Sign In Visitor

Use Self Sign In App

Setup a tablet in your lobby and allow visitors to sign themselves in using the Lobbytrack Sign In App.

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Notify Host When Visitor Arrives

Notify the visitor's host via e-mail or SMS when their visitor arrives.

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Notify Host
Print Visitor Badge

Print Visitor Badges

Print visitor badges with your logo, visitor name, photo and a QR barcode using a supported WiFi printer and an iPad or Android tablet.

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Manage Evacuation

Immediately retrieve a list of visitors in the building. Email or share the list with security guards via the Lobbytrack Guard App.

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Manage Evacuation


Sign in visitors in less than 10 seconds!