Government Visitor Management

Government work often requires high security when dealing with sensitive information, and people need to be able to confirm the identity of the person with whom they are speaking. Deploying a highly secure visitor management system is vital for the government organizations and Lobbytrack visitor management system is what you need to give you peace of mind.

Use Lobbytrack to monitor all points of entry, log host information, as well as all visitor, contractor or even employee activity. Automatically activate visitor cards in your access control system as the last step of the registration process. Even though you'll hopefully never have to use it, you also have our detailed evacuation report feature, providing a list of all individuals in your facility, to assist you in the evacuation process.

Fast Visitor Sign In

Get rid of long registration lines with Lobbytrack visitor management software. Registration can be completed and a badge printed in just seconds. Data can be pulled straight from driver licenses, business cards, or passports, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

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Sign In Visitor
Check Watchlists

Check Watchlists

Check visitors against federal watchlists, criminal databases and other lists using one or more web-based screening systems. Lobbytrack visitor management software can trigger an alert on a match.

  • Watchlist Providers
  • Self-managed watchlist
  • MK Data

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Sign Visit Agreement

Draft your own agreement or NDA and require visitors approve it before signing in. You can personalize the NDA by populating the form with visitor and meeting information.

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Sign Visit Agreement
Print Visitor Badge

Print Visitor Badges

Print visitor badges with your logo and visitor information using a supported printer and an iPad or Android tablet running Lobbytrack Sign In app.

  • Supported Printers
  • Apple AirPrint Printers such as Brother QL-820NWB (iPad Only)
  • Zebra LINK-OS with WiFi such as Zebra ZD420

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Sign in visitors in less than 10 seconds!