Manage Abstract Submissions

Invite potential speakers, panelists and presenters to participate in your upcoming events by asking them to submit an abstract. Eventleaf event management system offers a full suite of tools to help you manage the abstract submission process from invitations, to peer review and follow-up, to final acceptance or rejection. Once an abstract has been accepted, information from it can be imported into your event.

Configure Abstract Form

The abstract form is very customizable. Create categories such as speakers, presenters, exhibitors and customize the fields included on the abstract form for each type.

Customize Abstract Form
Invite Abstract Proposals

Invite Abstract Proposals

Send an personalized invitation email inviting potential speakers, panelists and presenters to submit an abstract detailing why they should be considered for appearing at your event. Each email will contain a custom link to their abstract submission form.

Auto-Assign Abstract to Reviewers

When an abstract is submitted, it can be auto-assigned to one or more reviewers who will be notified via email. You can manage list of reviewers and abstract categories they can review via Eventleaf online event management portal.

Assign Abstract Reviewers
Review and Rate Abstracts

Review and Rate Abstracts

Each abstract can be reviewed and rated based on the submitted content. You can define rating criteria using Eventleaf online event management portal.

Accept and Reject Abstracts

Once an abstract has been reviewed, the event organizer can decide whether to accept, deny or request additional information from the submitter.

Accept Abstracts
Import Event Speakers

Import Abstracts into Events

Accepted abstracts can be imported to events as speakers or exhibitors via Eventleaf online event management portal. The information from the abstract will automatically imported to the speaker / exhibitor profile.


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