Are you looking to integrate label printing or ID card printing into your current system? That's what you get with the command-line-interface from Jolly Technologies. Using the command-line-interface, your system can send the pertinent information and have your customized labels or ID cards print automatically as part of your existing workflow.

You still get the full features of Label Flow’s and ID Flow’s design tools, the same easy-to-use interface for designing your custom labels, but the ability to automatically send your print commands directly from your current system. Design your labels with barcodes, QR Codes, or even product photos and custom logos while integrating directly with your existing processes to print your custom label designs as you need them automatically.

Download a trial of our design software to see for yourself just how easy it is to create the labels you need, professionally, and quickly with Label Flow by Jolly Technologies.

Third Party Application Integration

Print RFID Tags, Barcode Labels and ID Cards From Your Application

Print RFID tags, barcode labels and ID cards from your Windows or Web-based application using the Command Line Interface. Simply design an ID card or label using ID Flow™ ID card software or Label Flow™ barcode software, then call the Jolly command line utility from your application to print in the background. No user interaction required.

Transparent Operation

When you print cards or labels from your application using the Command Line Interface, your users don't even need to know that the Command Line Interface is printing. Transparent integration means cards and labels will print in the background with no required user interaction.

Web-based XML Integration

Interfacing with your web application is easy with the Command Line Interface. Options and data can be passed via XML from your web application. The Command Line Interface will parse the XML data and print ID cards or labels using the specified options and data. The Command Line Interface will also accept XML data from traditional Windows applications.

How Integration Works

Download Jolly Command Line Interface Brochure Download Jolly Command Line Brochure (52 KB)

  • Step 1: Design your ID card or label using ID Flow or Label Flow
  • Step 2: Add code to your application that will call the Command Line Interface with the appropriate parameters
  •  Sample Integration Code (Visual Basic .NET)

    Public Sub printCard(ByVal user_id As String, ByVal num_copies As String, ByVal printer_name As String)

    Dim proc_id As Integer
    Dim command As String
    Dim program_location As String
    Dim filter_statement As String
    Dim design_file As String

    ' Set program location
    program_location = """C:\Program Files (x86)\Jolly Technologies\ID Flow\CommandLine.exe"""

    ' Set number of copies
    num_copies = """" & num_copies & """"

    ' Set printer name
    printer_name = """" & printer_name & """"

    ' Select the requested user record from the database that was configured at design-time
    filter_statement = """`UserID`=" & user_id & """"

    ' Set design file
    design_file = """C:\card_design.jps"""

    ' Build the command line
    command = program_location & " /copies " & num_copies
    command = command & " /printer " & printer_name
    command = command & " /filter " & filter_statement
    command = command & " " & design_file

    ' Start the CommandLine application, and store the process id
    proc_id = Shell(command, AppWinStyle.MaximizedFocus)

    End Sub

  • Step 3: Print cards or labels from your application

Feature Highlights

Print pre-designed cards (or cards)
The Command Line Interface can print any cards (or labels) that were designed using ID Flow (or Label Flow).

Comprehensive options
Many of the options available in ID Flow (or Label Flow) are can be passed as parameters to the Command Line Interface including:

  • » Card (or label) design file
  • » Target printer
  • » Number of copies
  • » Data to print on card (or label)
  • » User login credentials
  • » File password
  • » Many print options
  • » Much more

Printing variable data is easy
There are three ways to pass variable data using the Command Line Interface.

  • 1. Name-value pairs
    Data may be passed in the form of name-value pairs such as Name="Michael Larkin".
  • 2. XML formatted data
    Data may be provided in an XML formatted file.
  • 3. Database query string
    Records may be selected for printing by passing a database query string, similar to the WHERE clause in a SQL SELECT statement.

Full scripting support
The Command Line Interface is fully scriptable and you pass batch files to run sequences of commands for printing multiple groups of cards (or labels).

Detailed logging
The details of each action can be logged in a detailed log file.

Simplify User Interaction

The Command Line Interface can also be an ideal solution for novice users. For example, a shortcut to the command line interface can be created on the desktop, that when clicked, prints a set of cards (or labels), making card (or label) printing as simple as double-clicking on an icon.

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