It takes time to register new employees, students, or other individuals, especially if you have to juggle multiple systems, to make a card/badge, add them to your time system, and finally register them in your access control system. That is where Jolly Technologies can step in.

Lobby Track™ visitor management system from Jolly Technologies can provide you one-stop tracking software. Allow Jolly Technologies software to create cards/badges that are automatically integrated into your existing access control system such as AMAG, Brivo, Lenel, and more. Jolly software can also allow/deny check-in based on time schedule or other rules, and keep accurate time logs. These are just a few reasons that Jolly software is a leader in the industry.

To see how Jolly can be the access-management choice for your company, request a free trial of our software now. Our sales representatives would gladly help you find out if Jolly software is a fit for you.

Supported access control systems include:

Johnson Controls Lenel S2
SHI CCure Others  

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