Youth Groups
Quickly and easily identify, register and monitor who is coming and going at your youth group gathering

Working with teenagers and children can be a challenge! They are full of life, and they like to have fun. In the midst of the chaos that is a room full of kids, and in spite of the fact that they often don't realize it, you have a job to do. When you accepted the responsibility of the youth department, you also took on the responsibility for their safety while they are in your care! It is your intention to return everyone of these young people safely to their parents after the session is over. You already have more than enough to do with planning for the content of your session as well as food and beverages. How are you going to keep track of all of these kids and keep them where they are supposed to be until it is time to go? Let Jolly Technologies help you solve your problems with Eventleaf™ event registration software.

Children don't always have a long attention span, but fortunately for you, registration is quick and easy with Eventleaf. Once registered, you can create ID badges with different levels of security enhancements depending on your needs. Make different badges for different groups of youth. Using bar code or magnetic stripe technology, your regular attendees can just check in and out each time by scanning their ID badge. If you have separate classes or breakout sessions, the badges can be scanned at the door so you always know where everyone is. You can also create different ID badges so the staff will be easily recognized by those in attendance. Eventleaf also keeps record of attendance, and reports are available with just a few keystrokes.

There will always be challenges when working with youth but Jolly Technologies just made those challenges a little easier to deal with! Contact us today to get started with your free trial of Eventleaf.

Youth Groups
Register Youths
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Create quality ID badges
  • Set parameters according to your needs
  • Link multiple locations
  • Centralize management for your convenience
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