Student Attendance
Take student attendance and late entries

Keeping track of tardies, absences and attendance can be a hassle when relying on a large, unwieldy book filled to the brim with check marks and coffee-stains. Log books can be tough to manage!

However, tracking student attendance is an easy task when employing Scan Station by Jolly Technologies. With a few simple clicks, student information can be quickly logged without any hassle. If desired, students can have their information attached to school IDs. All of these features combined display the vast capabilities of Scan Station. Mark absent or tardy, and enjoy the flexibility of being able to connect to an existing student database.

Without questions, Scan Station is the best solution for your school's student-attendance and tracking needs. Try Scan Station today -- ask for a free trial and see how Scan Station can work for you.

Student Attendance
Track Student Attendance
  • Manage student records
  • Track student attendance
  • Track late arrival
  • Notify parents via e-mail
  • View attendance logs and reports
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