Stockroom Management
Manage stockroom inventory, print barcode labels, and track inventory levels

Stockroom management requires a great deal of organization in order to operate effectively and efficiently. Proper inventory control prevents stock-outs, facilitates reordering, and keeps account of all products as they transit into the stockroom, occupy shelves in your warehouse, and eventually disburse to retailers and clients. Jolly Technologies provides the means to competent stockroom performance through Label Flow barcode and label creation software and Asset Track™ inventory management software.

Label Flow™ barcode software makes stockroom management effortless with fully customizable 1D or 2D barcodes and RFID tags. Label Flow is quick and easy to setup and will work in tandem with any database software your company utilizes.

For complete supervision of your stockroom assets, Jolly Technologies offers Asset Track inventory management software. This user-friendly management system combines all the conveniences of Label Flow with the ability to monitor quantities and locations on your stockroom floor. Avoid stock-outs with restock notifications sent to your email and use a Windows tablet to scan inventory into your company database. Asset Track also provides a check in/out program that keeps you up-to-date on the whereabouts of all of your stock.

Jolly Technologies makes stockroom management easy. Keep track of products, locate items quickly, and monitor quantities of stock all through one program. Call Jolly representatives today to request your free trial software.

Stockroom Management
Manage Inventory
  • Manage and track stockroom inventory
  • Print custom labels, barcodes, and asset tags
  • Scan inventory with a Windows tablet
  • Receive restock notifications through email
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