Small Business Sales
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You dreamed your whole life about working for yourself, and you have finally accomplished that goal. Since your company is small, staff is limited and your sales person spends their time calling on customers. You don't really have a show room, but people often stop by to get the product they need. That's great because you want all the business you can get, but it presents a problem. You already have a huge work load that keeps you quite busy, and you are not quite ready to hire someone to work the front office. How do you handle the customers that walk in off the street and maintain your professional image? Jolly technologies has the answer for you in Lobby Track™ visitor management system.

Lobby Track can be set up to operate at an unmanned kiosk. Registration is quick and easy. Scanning a driver's license will populate much of the information needed to complete the registration. If needed, ID badges can be printed on the spot and will contain the level of security that you feel is necessary. Badges can be created with several levels of security depending on what you need. If you have limited access areas, the badges can be used to scan into and out of these areas for the sake of security. Once registration is complete, Lobby Track will notify you via email that you have a visitor. You can set parameters to fit the needs of your business. Lobby track can link multiple locations and use centralized management capabilities to simplify your life. If you need records of who has been in your building, reports are readily available.

With Lobby Track you can maintain your professional image, keep your customers happy, and still be able to focus on other aspects of your business. Contact Jolly Technologies to get started with your free trial of Lobby Track!

Small Business Sales
Protect Small Business
  • Easy on-site registration
  • Set for unmanned registration
  • Professional ID badges
  • You decide the level of security
  • Reports readily available
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