School Safety
Register visitors to your school and keep your students safe

As the administrator of your school, you have the responsibility of making sure that the students learn as much as possible in the time they are at school. You are also responsible for the safety of your students while they are in your care. How do you handle the security of your school? When teachers are hired, you do a background check. When students come to your school, they are registered and you know a great deal about them. What do you know about the visitors that come to your school throughout the day? Many people are there because they need to be and their intentions are good. However, there are some who will try to get into your facility with ulterior motives. It's hard to understand that there are people who will try to harm your students, but it's your job to keep them out of your building. That's a tall order! Lobby Track by Jolly Technologies will help you fulfill that obligation.

Lobby Track visitor management system will help you find out who is trying to come into your school and help you to keep track of them while they are there. A secure registration area will allow you to screen visitors prior to their entrance into the school. Registration is quick and easy, and it will not inconvenience those who are supposed to be there. Scanning a driver's license or passport will facilitate registration. Lobby Track can capture photos, signatures, and fingerprints for added security. Those registering can be checked against criminal watch lists for an added layer of security. Once registration is complete, ID badges can be printed on the spot with the level of security that you have preset. Using bar code or magnetic stripe technology the ID badges can be used to enter into secure areas if necessary. Lobby Track comes with different badge templates which allows you to design different badges for different situations. If you need to check who has been in your facility, records and reports are available with just a few keystrokes.

Since it's your job to keep your students as safe as possible, it only makes sense to simplify your job by using Lobby Track. Contact Jolly Technologies to get started with your free trial of Lobby Track

School Safety
Protect School
  • On-site or on-line registration available
  • Registration kiosk can be unmanned
  • You set the level of security
  • Professional ID badges with security measures
  • Network multiple locations
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