Recreational Events
Register event attendees online or on-site, issue badges and track attendance

Concerts, festivals, and conventions are great fun, but they're far from easy to manage. The huge numbers of people and the energy can make it difficult to keep things organized. However, Jolly Technologies is happy to provide a powerful solution to these busy events with its superb software, Eventleaf™ event registration software.

Eventleaf easily records every person in attendance at your event. Once their information has been entered, it's quick and simple to create temporary tags for people to carry with them for the event, complete with whatever information you deem necessary. Beyond simply tagging attendees, it's also possible to create staff badges to quickly identify your event workers. With Eventleaf working diligently as your event-management software of choice in the background, you can relax and focus on enjoying the event.

With so many features at its disposal, Eventleaf is the premier choice for event management, ID creation, and visitor management. Request a free trial now to see it in action.

Recreational Events
Register Attendees
  • Register attendees online or on-site
  • Scan driver's license
  • Issue event badges
  • Track attendance at multiple venues
  • View logs, charts and reports
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