Lobby Security
Secure your lobby by registering and verifying visitors

Keeping your business running smoothly and securely is extremely important. To maintain order and keep good records, it's paramount that you keep track of both employees and visitors inside your facilities. Jolly Technologies has an answer for this situation with Lobby Track.

Lobby Track can accurately track who has checked in and out of your facility with minimal stress. Lobby Track can print reports of your entire visitor history at a moment's notice. It is capable of creating ID badges for your employees and visitor badges for everyone else. If needed, Lobby Track can even work with access control hardware to limit access to sensitive areas. Lobby Track provides a safe digital solution to an otherwise mammoth task by electronically keeping all of your records for you.

Overall, you will find no better lobby security software than Lobby Track. To see our software in action, don't hesitate to request a free trial or webinar demo today.

Other than Lobby Track, Jolly Technologies offer a few more solutions for securing your lobby. You can issue professional ID cards to your staff and contractors using ID Flow™ ID card software. Secure all valuable IT equipment and company assets using Asset Track™ asset tracking software. All Jolly products work together and share data via Jolly Server.

Lobby Security
Manage Visitors
  • Register visitors online or on-site
  • Scan driver's license
  • Check online and local watch lists
  • Network multiple locations together
  • View logs and reports
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Issue ID Cards
  • Design and print photo ID cards
  • Add 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Encode magnetic stripe
  • Read / write smart cards
  • Integrate with existing database
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