Fundraising Events
Register event attendees online or on-site, issue badges and track attendance

Many non-profit organizations make good use of public events and conferences in order to raise money for their causes. They can be difficult to organize and execute, however. Managing the vast numbers of participants can be a daunting tasks, particularly if trying to do it with check in/out sheets and hand-written name badges.

Eventleaf™ event registration software by Jolly Technologies provides many different ways to meet your event management needs. Easily create and print official ID badges and name tags for event attendees. Utilize our Online Registration to register attendees as they call in, and automatically email them barcodes and directions.

Even better, if you need to have a different template for event staff, that's no problem at all. Switching between custom ID creation templates is quick and simple with Eventleaf. Beyond its ID creation abilities, Eventleaf can keep logs of everybody who is attending your event with a simple check-in/check-out process. Fundraising event management has never been simpler with Eventleaf by your side.

If you want to make your next event a success, consider Eventleaf to facilitate your next fund-raiser! Request a free trial and see what Eventleaf can do for you.

Fundraising Events
Register Event Attendees
  • Register attendees online or on-site
  • Scan driver's license
  • Issue event badges
  • Track attendance at multiple venues
  • Retrieve leads
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