File Tracking
Track file location, prevent file loss, reduce filing labor

File tracking software is essential for the quick retrieval and security of all files in your business. An effective management program will keep track of file locations, prevent items from disappearing, and ensure that records are properly returned. Jolly Technologies provides the solution for effortless file tracking through Label Flow™ barcode generator and Asset Track™ inventory management software.

Competent file tracking begins with a well-organized label system. Label Flow is a custom barcode and label creator that provides versatility with 1D or 2D barcodes and RFID asset tags. Quickly and easily begin marking files with Label Flow merged to your own file maintenance software.

Or, for the ultimate in file management, Asset Track, by Jolly Technologies, is an easy-to-use solution for record tracking in any business setting. Equipped with Label Flow barcode and label creation, Asset Track will save filing labor, expedite file search time, and track file locations through the use of a check in/out feature. If file security is important to your business, this software will maintain an item's history, allowing you to see who has had access to it in the past. Asset Track also provides convenient scanning of files into your database through the use of a Windows tablet.

From small businesses to large corporations, record management is made simple with these solutions from Jolly Technologies. Increase worker productivity and reduce the likelihood of misplacing or losing files with a free trial of Asset Track. Jolly representatives are available by phone to assist your company's unique file management needs.

File Tracking
Manage Inventory
  • Maintain file database
  • Print RFID tags
  • Monitor file history
  • Ensure file security
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