Events and Conferences
Register attendees for events, conferences and trade shows

Conferences can be difficult to manage. Anytime a large group of people get together, things can get disorganized quickly. In an effort to help people manage events just like these, Jolly Technologies has developed Eventleaf™ event registration software, the premier event-management software solution.

Eventleaf is a very robust piece of software. It is an online registration and on-site badging plus tracking system wrapped into one powerful package. Eventleaf makes it easy to create professional-looking event badges you can give to every person in attendance at your event. It then allows you to scan or swipe these IDs using RFID, bar code, or magnetic stripe technology. This checks in or checks out people from specific seminars, rooms, sessions, or whatever else you desire.

Considering the event management and ID badge development potential, why not use Eventleaf for your next conference or trade show? Give Eventleaf a try by requesting a free trial from us today.

Events and Conferences
Register Event Attendees
  • Register attendees online or on-site
  • Scan driver's license
  • Issue event badges
  • Track attendance at multiple venues
  • Retrieve leads
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