Employee ID Cards
Secure your facility by issuing secure employee ID cards

Your company needs a good way to not only identify its employees but to keep track of their time, monitor their use of company equipment, and much more. Jolly Technologies has solutions for these needs. ID Flow™ ID card software, Lobby Track, and Asset Track™ asset tracking software are only a few of the possible software pieces to consider.

ID Flow is a feature-packed software suite capable of anything to meet your identification needs. Sometimes, it's necessary to encode ID cards with magnetic stripes, barcodes, or proximity cards using RFID technology. Thankfully, ID Flow by Jolly Technologies was fundamentally designed to complete these tasks . With ID Flow, one can effortlessly create custom company templates for every ID card, allowing all IDs to be created with uniformity and professionalism. Lobby Track has the same features as ID Flow, but it also includes a check-in and check-out system, letting you know when your employees are coming in for work. With Asset Track, it's easy to create a card-swipe system to check out equipment and stock from your company stores. This system allows for your employees to obtain the resources they need to complete their jobs, but it also keeps an accurate record of everything being used. The benefits of such a system are easy to realize.

As can be seen, Jolly Technologies is your perfect choice for employee-ID related solutions. Whether you need simple IDs, access control integration, asset tracking, or just about anything you want on your badges or cards, Jolly has the software solution that you're looking for.

Employee ID Cards
Issue Employee ID Cards
  • Design and print photo id cards
  • Add 1d and 2d barcodes
  • Encode magnetic stripe
  • Read / write smart cards
  • Integrate with existing database
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