Church Conference Registration
Easily register and keep track of who is attending your conference

Leaders are gathering from around the world to attend to church business. It is time for serious business but it is also a time of great fun! New friends are being made! Old friends are getting reacquainted and calm is not the order of the day! Church conferences can be hard to keep organized. You are the one who has been tasked with keeping this meeting organized and the attendance records straight. How are you going to do this quickly and efficiently without causing confusion among your attendees? One of the many outstanding programs developed by Jolly Technologies is Eventleaf™ event registration software. Eventleaf will solve your problems and make everyone involved think you are a genius!

Starting with registration, everything is easier when you use Eventleaf. Configure registration any way you want. If exact attendance numbers are needed prior to the conference, or if you simply want to stream line registration, have attendees register on-line. When your attendees register on-line, they will receive a confirmation email with a bar code that will simplify on-site registration. When attendees arrive at the conference they can simply scan the bar code at a kiosk and create an ID badge on the spot! ID badges with bar code or magnetic stripes can be scanned for attendance at seminars and break out sessions as well as the main conference. Eventleaf will also allow your security team to keep track of who is where in the event of an emergency.

When the conference is closed and everyone has gone home it is time to get reports together for those that need to know. Reporting is made easy by Eventleaf. Just a few keystrokes will provide you with the information that you need. Make your next conference a success from the very beginning! Contact Jolly Technologies today for your free trial of Eventleaf.

Church Conference Registration
Register Conference Attendees
  • Easy registration, on-line or on-site
  • On-site registration by scanning driver’s license
  • Produce quality ID badges
  • Simplifies record keeping and reporting
  • Programs to fit your needs
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