Child Care Security
Track and verify guardians as they drop off and pick up children from daycare

If child safety is your primary concern, it's important to know at the end of the day that each child is leaving with their designated guardians. That's why Jolly Technologies has invested extensively in creating software solutions to ensure that this happens.

Convoluted pick-up lists, custody changes, and rushed parents can make the end of the day a nightmare. Simplify child check-in and pick-up with parent/pickup ID cards from Jolly Technologies. Create easy to recognize photo ID cards with ID Flow™ ID card software, or full attendance tracking and child check in/out with Member Track. Whatever your needs are, Jolly is sure to meet them with several items of its software suite.

To try out our software, request a free trial today. Or, if you'd rather, contact one of our sales representatives directly. We're glad to help in any way we can!

Child Care Security
Check In Children
  • Register children and parents
  • Issue membership id cards
  • Track check in and check out
  • Verify check in and out rules
  • View logs and reports
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