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Government facilities must be safe and secure. You need careful tracking of each person who sets foot inside the building. It requires Lobby Track by Jolly Technologies.

The advantages Lobby Track brings to your visitor sign-in system far outweigh anything else on the market today. Jolly Technologies has designed a solution that is flexible enough to meet the varying needs of modern businesses, while keeping the user interface fast and easy to use. Powerful ID badge design software is included, and Jolly's intuitive design will walk you through every step of the process, making even self-service kiosks a viable solution for your visitor management needs.

Lobby Track is a robust piece of software capable of tracking not only employees, but visitors, contractors and all who need access to the facilities. With a simple-to-use check-in and check-out system, it's easy to keep track of people entering and exiting the building, and Lobby Track keeps a sortable log available in both digital and printed versions for future reference. Beyond its logging capabilities, Lobby Track includes all the features of ID Flow for the creation of high quality identification cards as well as cost effective identification badges for every visitor. These badges can be as simple or as complex as needed, providing any piece of information necessary to the function of the facility.

From pre-registering appointments, and checking people in and out to generating attendance and time reports, Lobby Track visitor sign-in system has you covered start to finish. With an extensive feature set and flexible configurations there is no better choice to meet all your visitor management needs.

It can be difficult managing the visitors of a government facility. With Lobby Track, rest assured that we make it easy to keep your facility a safe and secure.

Key Features
  • Visitor sign-in can now be a painless, automated system
  • Instantly generate printable identification passes for signed in visitors
  • Vet your walk-in visitors by pulling driver's license or passport info into the system via scanner
  • Sign visitors up before they arrive to save time on busy days
  • Email hosts or host representatives when their visitors have arrived
Visitor Sign-In System
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