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In your business, you need a good way to manage the people coming and going from your building. Visitor management is key when maintaining good facility security. Jolly Technologies has the perfect solution for you.

From pre-registering appointments, and checking people in and out to generating attendance and time reports, Lobby Track visitor sign-in software has you covered start to finish. With an extensive feature set and flexible configurations there is no better choice to meet all your visitor management needs.

Lobby Track is a versatile program which allows for quick registration of visitors, scanning their driver's license, passport or business card or entering the information needed into your customized form. Checks in visitors and log each interaction to provide thorough records of everyone who walks through your doors. Using compatible drivers license scanners, you can eliminate the human factor, making your record keeping flawless and accurate. It also speeds up the process, allowing immediate entry of information instead of spending time entering the data yourself. Lobby Track can quickly print each visitor customized security badge, complete with any relevant details you'd like to include.

Integrating Lobby Track visitor sign-in software into your existing processes and procedures is a snap. With Jolly's flexible configuration the software adapts to your needs. Connect directly to most ODBC-compliant databases or start with one of our built in sample databases to get you up and running quickly. Using standard protocols and customizable options Lobby Track can conform to most of your company's existing IT policies and procedures regarding backup, access restrictions and privacy.

Overall, Lobby Track is the best visitor management software you'll find on the market. If you'd like to try it, contact one of our sales representatives. We'd love to give you a free trial and let you see for yourself what Lobby Track by Jolly Technologies can do for you.

Key Features
  • Sign in visitors quickly and automatically
  • Use flexible and intuitive design software to create a badge that prints after every successful visitor sign in
  • Save time when signing in by collecting information from a passport, business card, or driver's license
  • Collect visitor signatures for NDAs and company regulation agreements
  • Use secure logs to keep an eye on all sign-in activity
Visitor Sign-In Software
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