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Most companies desire a way to maintain accurate visitor records. Whether it be for government requests or company purposes, it's necessary to track every person coming and going from the facilities.

In today's world safety and security are of utmost importance, but modern security issues are far beyond simply locks and guards. It's important to know who is coming in and going out, it's essential to identify not only your staff, but visitors, contractors, maintenance workers, basically everyone that walks through the door. This may seem to be a daunting task, but you can make it fast and easy by selecting Lobby Track visitor management system for all your visitor management needs.

Jolly provides a truly excellent visitor management system. Our Lobby Track software is capable of logging all visitor activity, both exits and entries. Printing customized ID badges is a cinch. Lobby Track can print sortable visitor reports or emergency reports. It's even capable of integrating with access control systems and auto-emailing hosts that their visitors have arrived. Regardless of your needs, Lobby Track will not disappoint!

From pre-registering appointments, and checking people in and out to generating attendance and time reports, Lobby Track visitor management system has you covered start to finish. With an extensive feature set and flexible configurations there is no better choice to meet all your visitor management needs.

In order to see Lobby Track at work, request a free trial from us today! Speak to any member of our sales team, and we'd love to help show you how Lobby Track can make your company more efficient and secure.

Key Features
  • Managing visitors is a simple and quick process
  • Printing visitor badges is a snap
  • Use an existing government ID card to ensure that the registration information provided is accurate
  • Save time by providing appointments ahead of time -- select from a daily list of expected arrivals
  • Easily change and manage rules that automatically expire a visitor badge within the system
Visitor Management System
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