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Scribbling down checkmarks and chicken-scratch names into a clunky log-book is certainly one way of keeping track of student attendance and absences, but there are far better solutions. Jolly Technologies provides a fantastic alternative to the traditional log-book with a sleek, easy-to-use, digital solution.

School Track is a diverse program, easily capable of quickly logging the activity of students. With a simple click, a scan, or a swipe of a card, School Track processes check ins and outs, providing an accurate log of the time spent in the classroom or on the campus. School Track even creates tardy and absent reports, letting you know if a student is repeatedly coming in late or skipping school altogether. Automatically email parents or guardians if it reaches a certain pre-defined level. This type of reporting makes it easy to run a secure, effective, and more efficient school

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Key Features
  • Track student attendance and late arrivals
  • Issue tardy slips and hall passes
  • Issue student ID cards with barcodes and RFID chips
  • Retrieve data from any ODBC compliant student database
  • View and print detailed student activity reports
Student Attendance Software
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