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Does your business require a good system for photo ID creation? Look no further than Jolly Technologies to find the system you're looking for. Jolly is the leader in ID creation and visitor management software, capable of meeting all of your needs.

Dependable and easy-to-use, ID Flow makes the process of creating and printing photo IDs a cinch. Whether you need a simple design thrown onto a paper tag or a double-sided print on a PVC card, ID Flow can do it all. If you'd like to add a visitor management or access control aspect to your IDs, then consider Lobby Track, another powerful program by Jolly. Lobby Track comes with all of the features of ID Flow with the added visitor management and access control features.

Learn more about what types of solutions Jolly can offer you today and contact a member of our sales team. You may also request a free trial of our software to see our software in action.

Key Features
  • Design personalized, secure photo ID cards with robust, secured software
  • Require all current and future personel and visitors to carry and display personalized IDs
  • Assign user accounts with different access privileges to protect your sensitive cardholder database
  • Batch-create, design and edit photo IDs, reducing the need for individual modification
  • Add the most up-to-date photo ID security elements available on the market
Photo ID Software
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