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Does your business need a simple way to provide identification for employees, contractors and visitors? Look no further than Jolly Technologies for all of your picture ID needs.

ID Flow is a flexible, easy-to-use system, capable of creating customized, professional ID cards. Should you need to monitor the entry and exit of the people with these IDs, Lobby Track is a great option for visitor management or employee time tracking. Add barcodes, or encode your cards magnetic stripes, or even RFID technology to make check-in a snap.

Schools may want to step up to School track, providing all these services for students, teachers, and visitors, as well as tracking student attendance, printing tardy slips, and providing quick evacuation reports. Know the students in your care from the moment they walk in the door, emergencies don't wait for roll call.

If you want to know more about any of these pieces of software, contact our sales team today. We'd love to walk you through how Jolly can work for you. Feel free to request a free trial too and see Jolly at work, first hand.

Key Features
  • Create secure, fully-featured photo ID cards in-house
  • Issue photo IDs to members, employees, visitors or event attendees
  • Use flexible templates to pull live information from your cardholder databas
  • Save time by adjusting multiple photo ID cards at once using templates and batch editing
  • Track and log the number of ID cards printed, including system operator and cardholder information
Photo ID Card System
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