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We like our customers to know they are appreciated. We'd also love to see their shopping trends and habits, to know how best to serve them in the future. A loyalty card serves this purpose, while also allowing us to incentivize our patrons to continue their support.

Jolly's ID Flow and Member Track software allows you to create customizable ID Cards with photos, names, identifying information -- even your own address and contact information for convenient access. The best part is, they'll carry this card with them, because it's what you'll use to look up their information. Use our software to store account information, provide birthday and expiration reminders, or even automatically email them after a visit.

Use our robust logs and reports to view customer activity, see who hasn't shopped or visited in a while, or send a bar graph to management to demonstrate that you really do need extra coverage at that other register on Thursday afternoons. Request a trial edition or more information and we'll help you find a custom solution to your own unique needs.

Key Features
  • Design and print customer loyalty and discount cards
  • Customize your loyalty cards with logos or store photos
  • Track customer information for each loyalty card issued
  • Print custom sized cards or even key tags for your loyalty card program
  • Work with the easiest and most versatile loyalty card software on the market today
Loyalty Card Software
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