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IT assets are often expensive. From monitors to laptops or even the keys to the inventory room, you need to know where your assets are and who has them. Let Jolly Technologies provide a solution.

Asset Track can manage your inventory, letting you keep accurate logs of where your equipment is and how many you have of each. To go even further, Asset Track will let you know when supplies are low and will even keep track of the depreciating value of your items.

Don't be stuck wondering where that expensive piece of equipment was stored or who checked it out, request a free trial today!

Key Features
  • Manage and track the location of assets in your IT department
  • Assign assets 1D, 2D, or QR barcode formats to easily identify and scan
  • Create secure RFID asset tags for easy scanning and fast tracking
  • Take advantage of the included pre-defined databases for a fast startup
  • Know instantly who has current control or possession of an asset
IT Asset Tracking Software
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