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Keeping inventory is made much easier when every item has a unique barcode label. To take it a step further, keeping inventory is even easier when label printing can be automated and items can be scanned remotely when needed.

Let software from Jolly Technologies take care of your inventory needs. Use the command-line-interface for Label Flow to allow your production line to send print commands as products are produced. Then, keep track of your inventory by scanning the label remotely with Scan Station Mobile.

Request a free trial of Label Flow and see how simple your inventory process can be.

Key Features
  • Stay in full system control of your inventory and company property
  • Use intuitive software to keep track of your inventory using barcode or RFID labels
  • Simplify tracking the inventory count and immediately know when it's time to replenish
  • Create descriptions for items, accurately categorizing them within your system
  • Import from or connect directly to a current inventory system database
Inventory Tracking System
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