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It's often challenging to keep track of everything with people coming and going, and often times inventory going out along with them. That's why we have Inventory Track, our inventory control software that streamlines inventory management.

Inventory Track provides functionality in an area that greatly needs it. Inventory Track makes it a walk in the park to print barcode labels to track your inventory accurately. It also keeps sortable, printable logs to check on the status of specific items in your inventory. Beyond that, Inventory Track can send automatic e-mail notifications whenever inventory level falls below restock level.

Inventory Track consistently pulls ahead of the rest in the realm of inventory control software. Try Inventory Track today for free! Contact Jolly Technologies and request information or a free trial to test it firsthand in your own environment.

Key Features
  • Maintain and control your company property and inventory
  • Use intuitive software to create barcode labels and track inventory location
  • Control stocking and purchasing needs based on low inventory alerts
  • Issue and receive inventory using a mobile computer
  • Utilize built-in software logs and reports functionality to manage inventory levels
Inventory Control Software
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