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Your business needs a good way to badge or tag its employees. Identification is important, and tracking employee activities is as well, to see when they enter or exit the premises, or simply know their current location. Jolly Technologies has some great software selections to help you accomplish these tasks, and should be the key components of any professional ID card system.

ID Flow is a flexible, easy-to-use ID badge creation program, allowing its users to make professional-quality, custom templates for any situation. Whether it be employees, contractors or visitors to your building, ID Flow is a great choice for ID creation. If you'd like to apply access control, visitor management, or employee tracking, then Lobby Track may be a better choice for you. It contains all of the features of ID Flow with the added abilities of tracking and management, including detailed, secure logs and reports. It can integrate with third-party access control systems, allowing or denying access to sensitive locations. It's even compatible with magnetic stripe, barcode, or RFID technologies, making check in and check out as simple as a quick scan or swipe.

With all of these options, Jolly Technologies is the premier choice for all of your ID-related needs. Request a trial with us today and see Jolly at work for yourself!

Key Features
  • Fully Featured and easy to use ID card system
  • Give ID cards to every person within your location, including employees and members
  • Draw data from a previously existing database and automatically add it to your ID card entries
  • Design ID cards with top of the line security features
  • Create highly secure, and visually appealing ID cards
ID Card System
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