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Setting up a good ID badge system can be a daunting task. Picking the correct program that comes with all of the features you're looking for is a chore, and finding the perfect choice means hours upon hours of research. Thankfully, Jolly Technologies speeds up this process by offering products that meet every need your company may have.

ID Flow is a powerful yet simple-to-use ID creation system that allows its users to quickly design templates to apply to ID cards no matter the situation. Do you need employee IDs? ID Flow makes it simple to make the professional ID card you're looking for, complete with your company's logos. Do you need visitor IDs? ID Flow can make this process quick and painless, allowing you to create and print IDs with no hassle or frustration. If you're looking for an access control system or visitor management system for your company, then try Lobby Track by Jolly Technologies. Lobby Track comes complete with the same features as ID Flow with the added visitor management and access control features you're looking for.

With a variety of choices to meet all of your needs, trust Jolly Technologies to be your choice for your ID badge solutions. Contact our sales team today to get quotes or more information on our products. If you'd like, you may also request a free trial of any of our software.

Key Features
  • Create custom, professional ID badges
  • Design secure ID Badges that include photos, signatures or even fingerprints
  • Pull info automatically from an existing database and expedite the ID badge creation process
  • Reduce the need to individually edit records and modify multiple entries at once
  • Designing professional ID Badges was never easier than with ID Flow's simple user interface
ID Badge System
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