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Sometimes, businesses need a good technique for badging and tracking its employees. Jolly Technologies has just the solution for you, making it easy to perform both of these tasks!

ID Flow is a flexible program, able to create the most complex or simple designs, dependent upon your needs. You can make these designs into templates, applying them to whichever profile you'd like, making it easy to print out as many cards as you need, complete with your company logos. Should you wish to apply employee tracking or visitor management to your software's capability, then consider Lobby Track. Lobby Track can perform the same tasks as ID Flow, but it has a few added features. Do you have an access control system you'd like to combine with your newly-designed ID cards? Lobby Track integrates easily, making entrance and exit from sensitive areas dependent upon swiping the cards you created.

Obviously, the best software choice for you comes from Jolly Technologies! If you'd like to learn more, request a free trial or contact our sales team today. We'll help you pick the best package for your business today.

Key Features
  • Make fully-featured photo ID badges
  • Dispense ID badges to your employees, visitors, event attendees or members with ease
  • Integrate with your existing software to print ID Badges directly from your current personel records
  • Reprint replacement badges quickly and easily
  • Add extra security to your ID badges with barcodes, magnetic strips, and RFID encoding
ID Badge Software
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