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Keeping your business up to date on a professional level is an ongoing process. There are many things that go into this, but one of the most important parts is making sure that your employees are well-identified with aesthetically pleasing ID badges that display the important information that you need to see at a glance.

ID Flow can easily meet that need, as it is the strongest, most flexible ID creation tool available on the market. Using this ID badge maker to create custom templates is simple to learn and apply, and every card you create can be enhanced with barcodes, RFID technology, or magnetic stripes. Whatever you need your cards to be, ID Flow can make it happen.

Learn more about how ID Flow can be the ID making choice for your business today by contacting our sales team. Request a trial or simply ask for more information. You'll quickly learn why we are trusted worldwide across every industry imaginable.

Key Features
  • Fully personalize ID badges according to the individuals for whom they are designed
  • Make and administer user accounts to control ID printing and badge distribution
  • Link a current database to an ID template to generate badges from your current files
  • Adjust multiple ID badges at once using templates designed to span multiple records
  • Activate your ID badges with an existing access control system
ID Badge Maker
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