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Your convention needs a way to keep track of its visitors. Unfortunately, keeping a paper log is not only impractical, but it's inconvenient and time consuming as well. Jolly Technologies has the perfect digital alternative to keeping a paper log book.

Eventleaf is the best event registration software option for managing the guests at your convention. Preregister your attendees or import lists of those attending. For the inevitable day-of walk-ups, you can either enter their information in manually, or take advantage of the driver's license scanning support that is built in, to greatly speed up this process. Beyond this, if you need to create ID badges for your guests, Eventleaf is more than capable of doing so. Batch-print them the week before, or create them one at a time at time of check in. It can take each new registrant's information you input and apply it to an earlier-created template, complete with all of your own logos and designs.

For your event registration needs, turn to Eventleaf by Jolly Technologies. If you'd like to request a trial, speak to one of our sales representatives today. We'd love to help your next convention or conference be a success!

Key Features
  • Register event attendees quickly and hassle-free
  • Make the day of your event smoother by pre-printing tickets for event guests who pre-registered
  • Pull info straight from a driver's license or passport and expedite on-site event registration
  • Manage individual seminar attendance within events without registering guests multiple times
  • Deny access to event locations with software rules based on attendee privileges
Event Registration Software
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