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Setting up a business conference is never a simple task. Managing a large number of people and executing a series of engaging events can be quite difficult. One of the most important steps to managing a business conference is guest registration. Thankfully, Jolly Technologies has created a powerful conference registration software program to take charge of this step.

Eventleaf is a powerful program capable of registering guests with very little effort. Beyond its capability to register attendees with ease, Eventleaf is also equipped with the ability to create custom identification badges for every guest attending the conference. Whether it be for a high-profile speaker or an average visitor, Eventleaf allows its users to create individualized templates to fulfill each person's need, displayind distinctions directly on the badge using print conditions and rules. Import lists of those who have preregistered, and allow on-site registration for the inevitable walk-ups.

As can be seen, Eventleaf's diverse abilities guarantee that guest registration is completed without trouble. At your next conference, trust Eventleaf to help make your efforts a success.

Key Features
  • Register on-site conference guests speedily and trouble-free
  • Print badges and tickets for visitors who have already completed conference registration
  • Conduct on-site registration with a simple scan of any government ID, passport or even business card
  • No need to re-register guests for different sessions within your conference share registration
  • Print secure, personalized ID badges for registered conference attendees
Conference Registration Software
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