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Barcodes, used industry-wide, save time, reduce mistakes, and generally help streamline the entering of information. With dozens of different types, formats, and encoding methods, barcodes are here to stay. Whether a traditional 1D, denser 2D, or the most complex of QR codes, Label Flow is the barcode software that gives you the flexibility to meet any standard you require.

With full support for all major specifications, and near unlimited formatting ability, Our software is a great option for creating barcodes that automatically generate from your existing database of ID numbers, serial numbers, or whatever data you need to represent in barcode form. Print labels with a combination of 2D and 1D barcodes. Assign "property of" labels with encoded serial numbers. Your printing options are totally unlimited.

Save time by using your existing asset or inventory database with our Label Flow software. Combine multiple excel files into one global database, shared between different workstations. Items added from one machine will immediately show up in the others, making for a much more convenient way to manage your templates and items.

Key Features
  • Generate a custom barcode for everything in your inventory
  • Choose complex 2D and QR barcodes, or just simple 1D
  • Differentiate barcode labels by including custom graphics and information
  • Use our software to auto-generate barcodes from current inventory lists
  • Finally, track your inventory by scanning the barcodes
Barcode Software
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