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Barcodes are designed to save you time. Eliminate human error when locating records, speed up the entering process, and disguise sensitive information such as IDs.

Label Flow provides you with a suite of tools to create the ideal type of barcode to meet your needs. Supporting all major specifications, and sporting unparalleled formatting options, Label Flow is your ideal option for creating barcodes that automatically generate from any database field to which you point.

Speaking of databases, Label Flow Premier supports any database that is ODBC-Compliant, allowing you to use your existing item or asset database, be it Excel, CSV, MSSQL, Oracle, and many others.

Key Features
  • Create barcode labels using a variety of standard formats
  • Print labels with 1D, 2D, QR barcodes, including all popular formats
  • Include the company name or logo on your barcode labels
  • Use existing database fields to auto-populate barcode label templates
  • Scannable barcode labels make inventory management easy
Barcode Label Software
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