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If you have an inventory or stock for your company, then you know it's important to keep careful track of everything coming and going from your facilities. Jolly Technologies makes it simple to do this with Asset Track.

Asset Track makes tracking simple with its easy to use interface and speedy check-in / check-out process. Tracking your equipment and stock, whether you're selling it or loaning it out to employees or clients for specific uses is quick and hassle free when logging with Asset Track. Asset Track can even create custom barcode labels for everything you have, making check in and check out fast with quick scans.

For your asset tracking needs, rely on Jolly Technologies. Request a trial or get more information today by contacting our sales team.

Key Features
  • Track the location of your assets using software-generated barcodes and RFID tags
  • Track the depreciating value of your assets by utilizing complex software algorithms
  • Get automatic notification when you need to service or replace specific assets
  • Enter all the information you need at time of asset check-out to classify it in the system
  • Use our system's built in asset history to locate your inventory and view borrower info
Asset Tracking Software
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