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Does your business have inventory or stock that needs to be managed? Likely it does. Inventory management can be difficult at times because logging all of the different pieces of equipment or stock doesn't always happen the way it should. Bits and pieces can fall into disrepair, become misplaced or even stolen if careful records aren't kept! One solution to helping inventory well managed is by using an asset labeling system.

Both Label Flow and Asset Track does this and much more by allowing users to print barcode labels and tags for everything your business wishes to track. These barcode labels can then be scanned to check inventory in and out from your inventory, while simultaneously assigning borrow information for tracking purposes. This simple-to-use system guarantees that you'll have a much simpler time keeping track of everything in your business's possession.

Use Label Flow as your asset labeling system of choice today. Request a free trial and try it for yourself! Or reach out to one of our sales representatives, and they'll be more than happy to walk you through Asset Track's many features.

Key Features
  • Print asset labels from any accounting or asset database
  • Print asset labels directly from any third party software
  • Print labels with 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Encode EPC Gen-2 UHF RFID asset tags
  • Manage asset database with customizable data entry forms
Asset Labeling System
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