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Over time, it's easy for assets to disappear out of a business inventory. People don't always keep the best records of who has checked in or checked out certain equipment or hardware, and it doesn't take very long for things to become lost or forgotten. It's absolutely necessary to keep detailed logs of everything that is being done with the inventory, and thankfully, Label Flow and Asset Track by Jolly Technologies provides the perfect way to do this.

Both Label Flow and Asset Track can print barcode labels to tag your inventory items, and these barcodes can be scanned using Asset Track, checking in or checking out every piece of inventory that belongs to you. Asset Track's intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate, allowing for quick label printing, record keeping, and inventory management.

With such a powerful, easy-to-use system at your fingertips, barcode printing and inventory-keeping become a cinch. Give Label Flow or Asset Track a try, and you'll never go back. Contact Jolly Technologies for a free trial today!

Key Features
  • Print barcode labels with 1D and 2D barcodes for fixed and IT assets
  • Encode RFID chip inside your asset labels as well
  • Print asset labels directly from your ERP or accounting software
  • Utilize a pre-configured database to manage the list of assets
  • Use the built-in command line printing to generate asset labels from existing software
Asset Label Software
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