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We've all hand-addressed letters and packages before, and it works for occasional shipping. But if your business requires regular mailing and shipping, you'll need something that provides incredible flexibility.

Label flow allows you to create highly-customizable labels, pulling from a database of existing customers or recipients. Auto-number labels, have enter-at-print options, automatically insert dates, tracking or account information.

Feel secure knowing that every print action is logged and categorized according to your own needs, and you can access these records in an instant, whether you just need to know if you've already mailed that envelope, or if you need to create a bar chart to find out your busiest ship days. Label Flow has you covered.

Key Features
  • Print address labels from any database or address book
  • Print address labels directly from any third party software
  • Include US, UK, and Australian postal barcodes
  • Automatically remove blank fields from addresses
  • Automatically update database after print to indicate letter has been mailed
Address Label Software
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