Traditional paper guest books and name tags are helpful to have around, but they can be troublesome to manage and store while providing no protection against unwanted visitors.

When a visitor arrives, their identity can be verified and checked against local and online criminal watch lists, their visit details logged, their host notified and a professional visitor badge printed, all in just a few seconds.

Business Visitor Management
School Visitor Management

Safety is paramount when it comes to school grounds. It's necessary to keep track of every person entering and exiting the school to protect the well-being of the children.

With Jolly's school visitor management solution, Lobby Track, performing this task is simple, safe, and secure. Registering a new visitor is quick and easy, even taking advantage of drivers license scanners to pull key information into your system for you. This reduces human error and verifies that the person standing in front of you is who they say they are. Lobby Track accurately track school visitors, and, by partnering with 3rd party software, discreetly performs online criminal database checks, including sex offender checks, informing the user and security if a disreputable person attempts to enter the premises.


Government work often requires high security when dealing with sensitive information, and people need to be able to confirm the identity of the person with whom they're speaking. Deploying a highly secure visitor management system is vital for the government organizations and Lobby Track is what you need to give you peace of mind.

Use Lobby Track to monitor all points of entry, log host information, as well as all visitor, contractor or even employee activity. Automatically activate visitor cards in your access control system as the last step of the registration process. Even though you'll hopefully never have to use it, you also have our detailed Evacuation Report feature, providing a list of all individuals in your facility, to assist you in the evacuation process.

Government Visitor Management
Hospital Visitor Management

Allow visitors to self-sign in at an easy to use kiosk and receive an email alerting you to their arrival. During the process they can be greeted with a customized form to update important information for their file, saving your staff from having to re-enter information from sloppy handwritten forms, and even electronically sign a HIPPA agreement to keep on file.

Lobby Track allows for the entire patient visit process to be streamlined, and that benefits everyone involved! Visitors will be thankful for the ease of use, and employees will be thankful for the automated process.

Registering visitors takes just a few seconds!
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