Jolly Technologies offers various solutions for the healthcare industry

The medical industry is complex and always evolving. Patients and visitors are constantly entering and exiting hospitals and clinics, and technology and medical equipment is constantly changing and being used. Keeping the medical machine functioning requires a great deal of organization and record-keeping. Thankfully, Jolly Technologies is here to deliver these products.

Medical equipment can be kept tabs on with Asset Track. Track maintenance, view item history, and find the current location of anything in your inventory. Preregister, and even automatically email your patients to remind them of upcoming visits by making use of Lobby Track. Even track a patient's progression through the facility, even across multiple locations.

With Lobby Track to manage your patient registration and activity and Asset Track to keep up with tools and equipment, we have the healthcare industry covered. If you'd like to see how Jolly Technologies can help you, request a free software trial or contact our sales representatives today. You and your clients will be glad you did!

Barcode Labeling
Label lab specimens, blood bank, and supplies with barcodes or RFID..
Employee ID Cards
Issue secure and durable photo ID cards for your healthcare staff.
Facility Security
Secure your facility by issuing secure ID cards for your staff and tracking visitors.
Fixed Asset Tracking
Keep track of whereabouts of valuable assets within you facility.
Hospital Asset Tracking
Track inventory across departments and reduce costs due to loss, damage, and theft.
Inventory Control
Manage and track stock levels of critical hospital supplies.
Medical Office Asset Tracking
Track and maintain files, equipment, and supplies to expedite and enhance patient care.
Membership ID Cards
Issue healthcare membership ID cards with pictures and emergency information.
Patient Visits
Manage patient visits by screening visitors and limiting visits.
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