Jolly Technologies offers various solutions for schools and colleges

Providing safe and secure schools is a priority. Jolly Technologies has a whole suite of programs capable of protecting our schools in various ways.

ID Flow by Jolly Technologies is able to create customized ID badges for employees and students alike. These badges help to assure that the people on school grounds are authorized to be there. School Track is able to perform this function as well as track visitors to the school, taking visitor information and integrating with official watch lists to verify that the visitor is safe to have on campus.

From creating basic employee, staff and faculty ID badges with ID Flow and integrated background checks for visitors with School Track, to tracking student attendance both on campus, and away with a Windows tablet, Jolly is there to help keep our kids safe. Request a trial of our software today and do your part to keep your school safe.

Asset Track for Universities
Easily keep track of text books, AV equipment, computers, and school supplies.
Barcode Labeling
Label library books and lab equipment with barcode labels.
Campus Security
Secure your campus with robust identification and people and asset tracking.
Child Care Security
Secure preschools by tracking children drop off and pick up.
Fundraising Events
Register donors and issue event badges and track donations.
Student Attendance
Take attendance and track late entries (tardiness)
Student ID Cards
Issue professional student ID cards and link them with library and other systems.
School Visitor Management
Manage visits to your school by registering and screening visitors.
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