Religious Institution Asset Tracking
Keep your house of worship in order by tracking supplies and equipment

From the largest cathedrals to the smallest temples, religious institutions require a great deal of organization. While many patrons may only attend once a week, these churches are often open daily for various activities including prayer meetings, council meetings, potlucks, bake sales, and special services. With such a wide range of functions and the large number of people that are required to be involved, it is often challenging to keep track of shared equipment and supplies. This is where Jolly Technologies steps in to help organize all of your religious institution's assets with Asset Track™ supply and equipment management software.

Asset Track takes the hassle out of managing your organizations resources by labeling, cataloging, and keeping detailed reports of all inventory. Scan custom-made barcodes and/or high-density QR Codes and instantly find location, quantity, maintenance history, user history, and much more. With multiple database fields, you can tailor the necessary information to suit your specific religious institution's inventory management needs. Keep staff accountable for the quick and safe return of valuables by utilizing the included mobile application; by scanning items with a mobile device, Asset Track will let you know who has church property and where it is currently. Shared equipment, such as computers, AV systems, or even kitchenware, can be tracked through check-in/out asset tracking with past due email notifications.

Jolly Technologies software keeps your house of worship in order and allows you to enjoy more fellowship time! Call today to request a free trial of Asset Track!

Religious Institution Asset Tracking
Manage and Track Assets
  • Organize and catalog all artifacts
  • Keep accurate records for each piece
  • Email notifications of maintenance
  • Lead staff and visitors to artifact through mobile device
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